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  monsters ball has become an enduring part of cinema history for two reasons -- halle berrys unforgettable oscar speech and the iconic sex scene she shared in the film with co-star billy bob thornton. When thornton dropped by huffpost live to discuss his emmy nomination for fargo, he and host ricky camilleri chatted about what it was like to film that scene, which has become one of the.   monsters ball is the story of a poor southern woman, played by halle berry, who falls in love with a prison guard, played by billy bob thornton, after her husband has been executed. In the movie, berry and her co-star shared a steamy sex scene that has been embedded in the minds of many viewers for years.   monsters ball halle berry and billy bob thornton s sex scene in monsters ball is so raw and passionate. They almost cant wait while desperately tearing each others clothes off. Monsters graduation! - game youve never heard of monsters, inc. Monsters ball (2001) is based on a screenplay by actors milo addica and will rokos, who spent five years developing their script into a feature. Their title refers to the name of an english tradition requiring jailers to throw a party for a condemned man on the night before his death. The climactic sex scene in monsters ball, in contrast, is the fulcrum of the film its the moment a despairing tale of execution, suicide and racism gives way to a hopeful, passionately sexual love story.   hes very sexy, berry says of her co-star in the upcoming monsters ball. I think hes handsome, absolutely, but his sex appeal comes from something else the way he looks.   monsters ball there was no real direction in the screenplay, it just had to be animalistic, actress halle berry said of the 2001 films lengthy sex scene with billy bob thornton.

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